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songs you make at night
Will you share your dreams with Tunng?

If you've heard our new ‘Songs You Make At Night’ record, you'll know it starts with a Dream (in) and ends with a Dream (out).

We want to make your dreams part of our live shows in our Autumn Tour

Do you dream of swimming around in a steaming bowl of chilli con carne? Is there a man with a little pointy beard and a hammer visiting you at night?

We want to hear all kinds of dreams, nightmares, day dreams and fantasies.

If you’d like to share your dreams, here’s what you need to do.

1) Record yourself speaking your dream into your phone (or other digital recording device).

Note - Please end your recording by saying that you are happy for Tunng to use the recording, or part of it, in live shows.

2) You don't need to tell us who you are, but if you’re coming to see us on tour, tell us the date/venue at the end of your recording too.

3) Email the phone recording, mp3 or WAV of your dream to us here:

Glimpses and shadows from some of your dreams and some of ours, will be coming on the road with us and could be making appearances in our live shows.

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